Sharing the Love

There are many Spring magazine issues circulating out there right now. Digital and otherwise. Now, that the Spring Issue of Gatherings is off of my to do list, I’ve been partaking in many others. One of them is Heather Anderson’s Homebound Magazine in which I had the honor of contributing a little spring inspired poem by Thomas Blackburn,  entitled “An Easter Hymn” .  It’s a great feeling to be part of a online community of like minded creatives that work side by side on projects and ideas that compliment each other. I am continually amazed by the generous spirit of women who  use their talents to create something inspiring and unique without jealousy and competition but with mutual support. Its a blessed place to be. So on that note, please take a look at Homebound. You can view a preview on Heather’s blog, Post Road Vintage or purchase digital or print copies. Also featured in Homebound is Sonia Crouse’s (editor of Creating Vintage Charm) Easter dining room, a lovely handmade farmhouse chic inspired space. You can purchase the Spring issue of Creating Vintage Charm, here.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. With the remnant of winter it sure is a perfect time for a cup of tea and a magazine. Happy Reading!

Start out White- Gatherings White Issue

As you probably know by now, The White Issue of Gatherings Magazine is HERE!  This is our BEST ISSUE YET! (If I may say so myself). With more contributors than ever, the pages of this Winter Issue are simply dripping with inspiration! From delectable delights to beautifully styled homes these pages are little gifts that keep giving and giving.

With a great start to 2013, I have many exciting plans for Gatherings in the coming year and hope that you join me on this journey to make Gatherings even more inspiring, accessible and part of your own story.

Since Gatherings Magazine is a free digital magazine, it is up to advertisers to help support it and enable us to continue giving. There are still spots available in the Spring Issue so email me if you would like to advertise your business, blog, shop, or project!

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or purchase printed copies and digital downloads here!

Thank you so much for your continued support and for my fabulous contributors who have filled these pages with beauty!

Happy Reading!


Pastel Pretty Christmas


One of my favorite aspects of working on Gatherings magazine is the opportunity to collaborate with beautiful, talented women. For the upcoming White Issue (releasing January 7!), I photographed the home of Christiana Liddle of Ruffled Linens and this week she invited me back for a Christmas style shoot of her gorgeous line of products. Christiana and I have a similar heart for relaxed beauty… and so it was a pleasure and delight to be in her home again arranging beautiful, simple props that feature her holiday items.

So I hope you visit her shop very soon as orders are flying off the shelves as we speak!

And if you or someone you know needs  beautifully styled images for a website or shop, please email me at for more info.

P.s. I also design graphics, logos, or banners as seen above for Ruffled Linens!

Happy Weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Nashville Pop Up Shop: Hester & Cook

This Saturday I received an invitation to the newly opened Hester & Cook! This pop up shop is a sister store to Cake Vintage of the parent company also Hester & Cook. You may recognize the lovely Kitchen Papers… beautifully printed paper products for entertaining. When Meghan invited me (and Emerson) to the launch event on Saturday, I was there in a heartbeat. While my baby was passed around the store flashing those baby blues to all the ladies, I perused the incredible array of merchandise and snapped a few photos as well. Although the line of Kitchen Papers are stunningly creative and beautiful to thumb through including place mats, coasters, napkins, cheese platter liners, and much more, it was the shop’s design that stole my heart. The walls are a beautifully rich yet subtle dusty peacock color that make the white trim and products pop. For the most part the deep teal green was the only color in the store. Creative (in-house made) upcycled light fixtures and dazzling metallic finishes including a luscious silver ceiling were the icing on the “cake”.

This shop is perfectly outfitted for all your holiday needs with creative gifts for the culinary aficionado, one of a kind wares for entertaining, and array of dazzling gift wrapping supplies.  If you live in Nashville or surrounding area and have time to “pop” in, I strongly recommend it. Hester & Cook  will be open til January in Hillsboro Village (1908 21st ave. south- beside retropolitan).