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Thanks to Daniella of Dress Design Decor, I was inspired by the idea of a touch of gold for this time of year. Not naturally a yellow person, I do love a rich metallic gold, especially in a shimmer of wallpaper (or stencil), a chandelier or opulent mirror. And you know, with the return of brass as the new "it" metal, I am thinking I could really play up this accent color. I really love it with the pops of pink….What do you think? Friend or foe of gold? How do you like to do gold? .. in your home, jewelry, fashion or elsewhere?

images: all gap interiors except perfume bottles, dress design decor

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  • wrote

    I’m loving gold again, too. But not the shiny cheap brass of the early 1990s. Old brass is good, gilt is great!

  • Heather wrote

    Oh, yes. Kristie, you are right on. Gilt! Love that word! You are always on the top of stylish!

  • Love, love, love all of these pictures!
    Gold? Most definitely gold in interior design! I love when there’s gilded mirrors that are gold (like you showed). Jewelery?…it depends…I used to not like it at all but lately I’ve been growing fond of it! And fashion? yes ma’am! There is this brilliant skirt at Anthropologie called the petal skirt that was metallic gold and absolutely beautiful!

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