Join Me In A Style Challenge

Maybe it took a month to make my resolutions this year, but there’s no time like the present, right? Of course, this week I decided to put myself to a challenge. This is a challenge to stay true to my creative heart that is so often neglected under deadlines, motherhood, an overflowing inbox, and messy floors. Each day, no matter what else is vying for my attention, I commit to creating and capturing beauty from the objects from the day.

It’s a style challenge. Th goal: to style a few objects beautifully and create something out of seemingly nothing.

This is an Instagram challenge. You can follow me @gatheringspriggs and you can participate! Won’t you join the challenge?

Just tag your photo #gatheringstyle 

I will pick faves at the end of the week and share on the Gatherings Magazine Facebook Fan Page. Then I will pick a handful of your styled photos to feature in the upcoming pages of Gatherings!

The rules:

-your photo must be your own

-no nudity, offensive language or subject matter

-photo must be tagged #gatheringstyle on Instagram

-this is a home style challenge rather than a fashion challenge.


If you are not on Instagram and wish to follow my challenge, check out my Flickr Photostream!

all photos by heather spriggs from the first week of challenge

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