Blog of the week: Helana and Ali

The web is an endless source of inspiration we know, but I never cease to be amazed at how many friends/kindred spirits surface from it . Just in the last few weeks, I have had several sweet bloggers write to me after reading Gatherings Magazine. How flattering to be introduced to such talent and warmth from soon to be dear friends! These interactions bring hope after daily frustrations and stress.

Last week I “met” Tracey Fisher of Helana and Ali. Talk about a seriously crafty woman with an eye for color and stellar imagery. Her blog is sensational inspiration. Not only eye candy but creative/crafty ideas that are magazine quality. Speaking of ….Tracey has contributed to Amy Power’s Inspired Ideas and will soon appear in the Spring Issue of Simply Handmade.

Be sure to visit her Etsy shop, (for some great holiday themed gifts), Helana and Ali.

images: helana and ali

A Room of Her Own

Last week I met with a friend who is in the process of creating a personal retreat space in a garden room off her garage. On her third paint color choice she called me in to brainstorm colors, textures and furniture placement.  She admittedly is transitioning from a gold/green saturated palette to something purer, sparser, and shall we say more greige. Although pearly grey felt a little too cool for her liking we decided on Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter for the walls along with a Modern Country/ Urban Farmhouse feel. I suggested introducing wicker, industrial metal surfaces along with chippy distressed antiques. The room receives generous sunlight with two full window walls that we decided to dress in linen roman shades like the ones in the photo above.

I can imagine the finished product perfectly! Hopefully she will allow me to come back once it is put together for a photo shoot … !!

This crisp, clean palette reminds me of my excitement for the White Issue of Gatherings Magazine due Jan. 15!

Every woman needs a room of her own. a space to retreat.

Where do you find yourself in the midst of daily chaos?  


Images: Fryd+Design,  Hip In Style, A Beach Cottage, Urban Farmgirl, Glitter and Pearls


Gatherings Holiday Gift Guide



Finally, this “baby” is done! The new Gatherings Holiday Gift Guide that is. My other baby is still cooking …. only 5 more months. I’m at the half way mark.

It’s incredible what a journey this year has been.

Thank you for your patience with me as I took time to work on some other projects, finish this gift guide and regroup a bit.

It is my hope to be back to blogging regularly again.

May you enjoy the pages of this gift guide as you enter into your own holiday season. My lovely contributors put together some amazing collections for gift ideas for everyone on your list. For more news, pics and info please follow Gatherings on Facebook and Twitter.

Tell me about your holiday plans this week. I’ve missed hearing about your life!

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A Needed Break

Have you every had one of those realizations that you need to come to grips with reality and give yourself some slack? Maybe its just stepping away from the desk and breathing, or maybe its a realization that we are human after all and cant be pushed beyond our limits. I am here to say that I am one of those who suffer from a Wonder Woman complex and take on the role of “Savior of the World” much of the time. Maybe because Im the eldest sibling who has always shepherded her flock. A year ago I was blogging daily, plus maintaining clients, hosting parties, art shows, etc. Now, I have more responsibilities plus am with child which has shifted my normal routine of super power-dom.

So I write to tell you Im taking a needed break from blogging. With the Gatherings Holiday Gift Guide coming soon, plus a continual stream of clients, I need to take time just to be able to answer my bulging inbox.

Thank you in advance for understanding and I hope you can take some time for yourself today or at least  just breathe in and out as the season of busyness begins.



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