Shop Around the Corner: The Fabled Needle




Today it is raining here, a slow steady rain washing away the stifling heat and humidity this week. I am counting my blessings this morning before the world comes in demanding me of my time and energy. So here's to a renewed sensibility this weekend with all possibilities at hand. And so I leave you with a super cool creative who seemingly does it all: designer, illustrator, seamstress, pattern maker and vintage dress shop owner. Wow. Meet Jen of the The Fabled Needle and her extraordinary crafted world. Read her blog for more info and check her out on Etsy: Fabled Needle Vintage Etsy, Jen's Patterns and Art

Happy Weekend Friends!! Any exciting plans for you? 

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all images: the fabled needle 

Anatomy of a Slipcover





So, here is my big news from yesterday!! I finally had my new slipcover made! And I am giddy with delight over the work and fine craftsmanship of Christiana of Ruffled Linens. After seeing her work on a home tour this spring it was love at first sight and I have dreaming since May of a shabby chic covering for our poor vintage sofa. I love its lines and shape but since this is our living room's main attraction and where we all hang out, I knew its days of pristine original upholstery were coming to a near end. You can see its amazing transformation.. Not having a sewing knack whatsoever, I was eager to see how she whipped this up in only a few short hours. It was a miraculous metamorphosis. So if you are in the Tennessee or Alabama area and need a revitalized room Christiana is your gal. She sews ruffled tablecloths, draperies, shower curtains.. you name it .. all in her signature Shabby Chic style.  And for those of you not in this area keep checking her Etsy shop for new arrivals this fall. :)

ps. see if you can guess what kind of fabric this is.

images: me 

Things I Love Thursdays: Scalloped Edges





There are few things that bring me sheer joy and pleasure more than doilies. Even before they were uber popular I used them on every surface of my house. I've made entire art installation pieces from them, printed with them, made curtains from them, painted them and pretty much immortalized their beauty. But what I really love are their beautiful scalloped edges. So today I pursue new versions (from some creative crafters) of my long love affair. 

What do you think … love em or hate em? are you over the fad? 

images: top-bottom: vessels and wares, packagery, gathering vintage (purse), down and out chic (owl pin) pinned from pinterest (doily clock– folly and glee), wolf and willow, uncommon (doily coasters)


Blog of the week: Ruffled





Well, you know I couldn't stay away too terribly long.. Here are some pretty pictures that make my heart pitter patter from my new favorite blog: Ruffled.  Do you know of it? Makes me wish I could do my wedding over again with today's technology and craftiness! But alas! I can just dream or just have an outdoor party here at my home with this much grandeur. Love to you dearies!