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Good Morning glories! and Happy Monday. A new week, a new dawn. A new day fresh with no mistakes in it..yet. Thanks to your lovely posts to the Gathering Spriggs flickr group last week, I have plenty of magical creativity to get me going this week. Its going to be a work from home week this week so I will have more time to spend with you as well as update the Summer Sale over at Gathering Vintage, create some more art, fill my home with beauty, and spend time with friends.. (so excited to be having afternoon tea with dear friends on friday). And you?? What are your plans this week? Are you preparing for back to school?

As always thank for stopping by and don't forget to join my group so I can share next week what inspired you this week…..

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Happy Weekend with Pretty Pictures




Happy Friday dear friends. Its been a great week here with you … listening and responding to you and with you over great advice and lovely counsel. Do you have any weekend plans??

I am having fun with my new love, Pinterest... a perfect way to collect all the web inspiration found daily. Which all of these images came from. Find more on my style pinboard. 

Also, here is a fun challenge that I am excited about trying out…

So what are your creative projects or things you are challenging yourself with this weekend? I'd love to hear all about them.

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Things I Love Thursdays: Watercolor Art



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Yes, I'm on a watercolor high lately. After purchasing some Holbeins and some new paper recently I am having fun playing with water media again. Of course I am not nearly developed as some of these highly accomplished artists (who are my inspiration right now), but I am having fun in the process. Or at least trying…And sometimes that seems to be the hardest part for me is enjoying the process and not fretting about the outcome. {especially when my mind is saturated with new business ideas and marketing tips } But those darn negative voices that whisper to me during the process makes this feel more like a battle than a Sunday picnic. However some have pulled through this battle and made it to the other side. I really found Stephanie's advice from yesterday's post very helpful and wanted to share… She seems very balanced and in tune with her creative self.

"I think
the best advice I can give is to show up and follow through. Don't get
overwhelmed by all of it. Take it one small sweet step at a time. There
were so many times that I talked myself out of following my dream. My
work was never quite right, I didn't have enough money for start up
costs…if only you could have been in my head, it was exhausting. I
finally decided to just do it and developed my "I can do this" mantra. I
nibbled away at my to do list and every time the negative self-talk
started I would repeat my mantra. It actually worked."

Do You have a Mantra to help you through your creative struggles?? I'm all ears.

Crafting a Business




Have you read this book from Kari Chapin? I really can't believe I hadn't heard of it until I stopped into a local bookstore last weekend and picked out from a shelf of Art and Design books. In The Handmade Marketplace, Kari has detailed and sourced all that good info found on the web about " how to start and run a successful online crafting business" and compiled it into one stellar resource.  The book is broken down into three sections starting with "Getting to
Know Yourself and Your Business" , "Spreading the Word-and Images" and
then ends with " Getting Down to Selling". She has even collected interviews from top sellers and bloggers with nuggets of golden advice for people like me who are slowly trudging along trying to find myself "out there". I am thrilled that it is easy to read and I can read bits at a time as needed and then refer back to it as a handbook.

So how about you? Are you an artist or crafter or creative entrepreneur trying to find your voice and make an online presence for your work? What advice would you offer? Im all ears and excited to learn more as I begin to approach my own work with more seriousness.

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